Bryan and Roach sign a proclamation designating June 12 as Women’s Veteran Appreciation Day.

For the first time ever, Governor Albert Bryan, Jr. and Lieutenant Governor Tregenza Roach signed a proclamation designating June 12 as “Female Veteran Appreciation Day” in the Virgin Islands. On Friday, in a room full of about 40 female veterans at Government House in St. Croix, female veterans from St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix gathered to celebrate the signing of the proclamation which sets out light veteran women in the Virgin Islands.

Governor Albert Bryan Jr. signs a proclamation designating June 12 as “Female Veteran Appreciation Day.” (Screenshot taken from the Virgin Islands Government Facebook page)

Patrick D. Farrell, director of the VI Office of Veterans Affairs, said: “In 1948, at that time, women were only allowed to participate in 2% of each service. Of course, today more than 2 million women serve in the military and many more have already served.

“Women like you have earned their place in history, every day. We recognize your place in history and we’re going to make it known across the country and across this territory. I’m also saying it’s just a symbol that you can do and be anything you want to be,” Farrell said.

Roach also highlighted the important role women play in the Caribbean. “It’s incredibly difficult to see women as a minority in anything. Women lead in the Caribbean, women in many cases are heads of households, women start businesses, women hold families together, but they are still a minority in the armed forces, but are leaving for what was once a man’s world.

Bryan said we must give our people the respect and honor they deserve. “I’ve made a habit of saying thank you for your service to people in uniform, whether they’re police officers or have served in the armed forces,” Bryan said. Signing the proclamation is their attempt to say thank you. to these people and number two to put a new face on what it’s like to be a veteran in the Virgin Islands.

“For our veterans to actively take advantage of our funding, bring attention to our veterans, and involve more people in what we do in the community,” Bryan said. “You play a big role in it every day. Especially not as veterans, probably especially as members of our community, but we have to show that face too. Our armed forces do things every day to ensure that this freedom that we take for granted remains accessible to all. »

Veteran women take photos with Governor Albert Bryan, Jr. and Lt. Governor Tregenza Roach on Friday. (Screenshot taken from the Virgin Islands Government Facebook page)

The female veterans then gathered around Bryan and Roach for a photo op and the official signing of the proclamation.

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