Brighton beach will close for summer on Monday

The town of Duluth has announced a new closing date for Kitchi Gammi Park in Brighton Beach for the summer.

The park will close on Monday so construction crews can extend the Lakewalk through the park in the final phase of the Lakewalk restoration project.

Starting Monday, the park will temporarily close access to vehicles, trails and water. The park is expected to be open to paddlers, cyclists and pedestrians in about three months.

The city originally announced that the park would close for construction in early July. A day after this announcement, the city announced that it would remain open until further notice due to a schedule change.


In addition to expanding the Lakewalk, the Brighton Beach Master Plan, adopted in 2019, will relocate Brighton Beach Road and restore the shoreline so it can better withstand storms off Lake Superior. Currently, the Lakewalk flows into Brighton Beach Road, causing a mix of vehicles and non-motorized traffic.

The park will close again to all visitors in the spring of 2022 for the restoration of the shores and the installation of the park’s amenities.

Vehicles will no longer have access to the park until the reconstruction of Brighton Beach Road in spring 2023. Until then, no events or reservations can take place in the park.

Duluth’s coastline has suffered five severe storms since 2017. The brand has undergone makeshift repairs as a result of these storms. The city’s master plan would protect the area to further resist Lake Superior.

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