Birmingham City Schools are scrambling to promote after-school activities for students after a violent week in the city

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – It’s been a week since the series of Labor Day weekend violence began in Birmingham. Mayor Randall Woodfin blamed local gangs.

Birmingham Police did not share much information about local gangs as Mayor Woodfin mentioned earlier this week, but they said they were investigating some groups causing trouble in the city.

City of Birmingham school officials said they don’t see as many gang affiliations as you might think.

School officials said they don’t see gang-related violence at high levels in schools at this time, but they are providing training for families in case their child is involved. The tutorials can help parents and children cope with and deal with violence in the home. But, leaders said they also provide ORS and behavioral and mental health services in mostly all schools. Teachers are also trained in looking for signs.

“Recognize any gang-related paraphernalia, signage, signage, all types of behavior to look out for,” said Birmingham City Schools Head of Studies and Accountability Dr Jermaine Dawson. “It comes from our SRO and our advisors. Our teachers receive training on this to support them, recognize these behaviors and know what to do when they see them.

Dr. Dawson said they also try to involve students in extracurricular activities. He said this year they are bringing in university tutors to work with the kids and show them other avenues to engage.


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