Beautiful Redhead Poet Disappears From Cruise – UNSOLVED – Crime Online

Red-haired poet and investment banker Merrian Carver, 40, is planning a cruise. She does not tell her family or her daughter. The teenager visits dad in England for the summer.

Carver boards a Royal Caribbean’s Celebrity cruise ship for a 7 day excursion from Seattle, Washington to Alaska. After confirming his intention to dine in his room for a second night, Carver disappears. His conversation with the Steward is the last time Merrian is seen alive.

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Michael A. Winkleman – Maritime Lawyer at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman; Expert in maritime and cruise ship law; Twitter: @cruiseshiplaw
Caryn Stark – NYC Psychologist
Sheryl McCollum – Forensic expert and founder of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute
JH Moncrieff – Author of thriller and horror, “Dragonfly Summer: City of Ghosts; Expert: True Crime Documentary Series “Cruise Ship Killers”, Instagram: @jh_moncrieff, Twitter: @JH_Moncrieff
Jamie Barnett – President of International Cruise Victims

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[Feature Photo: Merrian Carver/Handout]

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