Bear Lake students enjoy a full range of homecoming activities

BEAR LAKE – Students at Bear Lake Schools enjoyed the full range of activities and competitions throughout the week in preparation for tonight’s annual homecoming dance.

With Spirit Week in full swing this year, senior class members were finally able to experience many traditions for the first time.

“Our seniors, between their first and second year having a ton of snow days during spirit week, then COVID, they haven’t had a normal spirit week yet,” said principal Sarah Harless. . “They had never played faux rock or skit until their senior year, so it was really an equal playing field for everyone, which was a lot of fun. Our seniors got to have the full experience this year for the very first time., and it will be their last time. It was really fun to see all the kids enjoying and participating.

“We’ve had a lot of turnout this year – more than we’ve had in a long time.”

The theme for this year’s reunion was American cities. High school classes chose Detroit, New Orleans, Las Vegas and Orlando.

Freshman Avalon Schaub enjoyed her first week back home as a high school student.

“I think it went pretty well,” she said. “(My favorite part was) probably doing the posters, working together.”

Students participated in various dress-up days throughout the week, such as Board Game Day, Tacky Tourist Tuesday, Celebrity Day, and Music Genre Day. On Friday, students showed their school pride with Red and White Day.

The school also took the opportunity to serve its community during Spirit Week by collecting donations for ECHO His Love and hosting a food drive. Harless said Spirit Week is a great time to give back to the community.

“The community of Bear Lake and Manistee County are always so kind to Bear Lake School whenever we need them for something, so we always want to give back in any way we can,” she said. declared. “One of the competitions we run is a food drive, so the class that brings in the most non-perishable food by weight gets the most points. … We also spoke to ECHO Safe Harbor for find out what items they need The students brought things that we can also give them.

Eighth grade student Lily Jones said she enjoyed the camaraderie and excitement of Spirit Week.

“I loved that everyone came together and really helped each other,” she said.

The candidates for the comeback queen were Randi Nelson, Marissa Frisbie and Kalissa Swanson. King candidates included Morgan Blattner, Bryce Harless and Jake Griffis.

Freshman representatives were Olivia Buckner and Phillip Putney, sophomore representatives were Madison Ball and Kaden Forward while Victoria Hall and Aven Sensing represented the junior class.

The king and queen were crowned Friday night at halftime of the Lakers boys’ basketball game against Mason County Eastern. Results were not available at press time Friday.

The reunion ball is to take place tonight in the high school gymnasium. Harless said the music will be provided by a man certain to get students toe-tapping and shoulder-shaking: sixth-grade teacher Jeff Harthun.

“He mixed our basketball games trying to bring our audience to life, and it was a lot of fun,” Harless said, “so the kids asked him and he agreed to DJ the dance as well. looking forward to.”

After class skits on Wednesday and a mock rock competition on Thursday, Spirit Week ended with the annual Teachers’ Cup competition on Friday morning, followed by the Bear Lake Olympics and hallway decorations judging. and class posters in the afternoon. Event results determine which class hoists the coveted Spirit Jug.

“This year has been really fun. The last year and a half with COVID and everything, we had to scale everything down a bit, but this year we were able to get back to all of our spirit week activities,” said Harleys. . “It was really fun, because the kids really enjoyed it.”

Frisbie said all of Friday’s games were the highlight of Spirit Week.

“Our whole class worked as a team to do everything,” she said. “It worked pretty well.”

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