At St Maarten’s Oyster Bay Beach Resort, a true Caribbean classic

“Let the good times roll.”

It’s on a sign above the door of the Infinity Bar.

It’s that old French refrain, “Let the good times roll”.

And as soon as you step into the Oyster Bay Beach Resort, you understand.

The 180-room resort that straddles St Maarten’s Oyster Pond and the Caribbean Sea has long been one of those legendary Caribbean vacation spots for Caribbean aficionados.

This is the one that always seems to draw beach goers who have fallen in love with the Caribbean, on an island that instantly makes you fall in love.

And it has never been better, this place, perched above the ocean with a breathtaking view towards St Barth, at the edge of the comforting sands of Dawn Beach.

A Penthouse mainsail unit.

Indeed, the rooms are light and airy, and the Mainsail Pentbouse units, all with their own whirlpool tubs with ocean views, might just be the most spectacular rooms on the entire island.

And the resort is making more and more new additions, from a recently launched putting green to the new Veranda Market and Bistro.

And perhaps most notably, this is the perfect location in St Maarten.

Oyster Pond is right on the French-Dutch border, which means it’s an easy trip both to Philipsburg and to the sights and sounds of Orient Bay and, a little further away, the culinary wonders of Grand Case.

It’s a rather privileged perch on the island – a bit of the best of both worlds.

But when guests aren’t exploring, they’re likely to be found at the pool and the Infinity Bar, a sort of town square, one of the hubs of the resort, expertly run by the famous Wanda.

St Maarten Oyster Bay Resort
Wanda and his famous Guavaberry Colada.

Wanda has been here for 16 years; she is also in love with the place, serving all kinds of libations and the resort’s signature drink: the Guavaberry Colada.

It contains locally made St Maarten guava liqueur, dark rum, pineapple, and Coco Lopez, and it’s almost unbelievably delicious.

As Wanda walks around the pool, she is cradled to greetings from the guests – everyone knows her.

And it’s no surprise to the place that has developed one of the Caribbean’s most loyal subscribers.

“Some guests come back two or three times a year,” Wanda tells me.

I ask her about the sign and she says it’s a nod to the ongoing Owner Appreciation Month, a celebration of the resort’s vacation club owners.

It might just be for the month.

But here, it’s still good all year round.

To find out more, visit the Oyster Bay Beach Resort.

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