AMDA Emergency Relief #16: Crisis in Ukraine (April 11, 2022) – Hungary

Beregsurany, Hungary:

On April 6, an AMDA doctor from Japan began working at a medical outpost located at a support center for Ukrainian evacuees in the Hungarian border town of Beregsurany.

After discussing his roles with the local doctors, it was decided that the doctor would take care of the rounds in the refuge and its surroundings. He also stayed at the facility overnight to attend to the nightly needs of patients.

The shelter operated 24 hours a day and accepted approximately 200 evacuees daily. Among those who use the shelter are those who are only staying overnight, those who travel to Hungary across the border early in the morning, as well as those who leave for other Hungarian cities and l Italy using the free afternoon bus services.

The AMDA physician saw patients who complained of minor ailments such as high blood pressure and stomach aches, while referring some cases to facility physicians as needed.

Donating a car to Karpatalja Haz:

On April 8, *AMDA-TICO donated a car to its local counterpart Karpatalja Haz who had been collaborating since the beginning of this relief mission. Thanks to this cooperation, relief supplies and medical supplies were delivered to Ukraine. Considering that one of the vehicles used for the distribution of supplies was a rental car, donating a car seemed like a smart move given the duration of the relief work.

As reported, AMDA-TICO managed to send medical supplies and relief goods (including groceries) to medical facilities and evacuation shelters in Ukraine via Karpatalja Haz.

The aforementioned AMDA doctor was also overnight at the Beregsurany shelter that day with two Japanese medical students from Semmelweis University. About 10 patients visited the medical outpost from April 7 to 8, while the average number of arriving evacuees remained roughly the same.

For extended help work:

AMDA’s Japanese coordinator returned to Japan on April 8 after completing her month-long relief work in Hungary. Looking back on the activities, her month-long stay made her realize how fragile peace could be. “I hope the Ukrainian families I met can return to normal life as soon as possible,” she said.

As the relief activities in Hungary are expected to continue for some time, AMDA will again send a nurse residing in the Netherlands who participated in the mission earlier. Coordination is currently underway for shipping in the coming week.

*For this mission, AMDA partners with TICO, a humanitarian NGO based in Tokushima, Japan.

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