Action-packed activity week as Creggan School hosts successful summer program

Passage from primary school to the “big school”. can often be a difficult and even traumatic event in the lives of young people.

That was not the case at St. Joseph’s Boys’ School in Derry’s Creggan, where over 60 students had a week of action-packed activities and high-quality learning experiences.

Summer programs are designed to ease the transition from primary to secondary school and participation in these programs is proven to lead to positive attitudes towards learning, improved self-esteem and fosters friendships. . There is also the practical benefit of understanding the physical layout of the large school.

St. Joseph’s specific goals for their Summer Schools program last week were to allow students to see their new school environment; allow staff to familiarize themselves with new students, including identifying any additional needs they may have; build deeper relationships with our local feeder schools to increase student numbers; and to improve the level of education of disadvantaged children, ensuring that the achievements of primary school are not lost during transfer.

A section of New Year 8 who took part in this year’s annual summer program at St. Joseph’s Boys’ School, pictured on Friday.

Speaking after the week’s successful programme, Head Teacher Responsible Peter Smith said: ‘We have been absolutely delighted to welcome eight pupils this year from the Waterside area where we have done a tremendous job of promoting our school as a post-primary school. destination.

“The aim of our summer program, building on evidence of best practice, was to offer a short summer school offering a mix of academic education and enrichment activities and we were very confident that these boys would have a stellar week. We were not disappointed !

Parents were thrilled for this year’s program. A testimonial said their son thought it was “the best school ever”.

This year’s summer program offered an eclectic mix of unique experiences including Minecraft, sports, science, history, literacy and technology, all of which included a plethora of outdoor learning.

The school also fully supports the Catholic ethos and offers qualifications up to A level (including academic and vocational subjects).

St. Joseph’s Boys’ School Summer Program pictured at the Walker’s Pillar monument on the city walls on Wednesday.

They also have a superb SEN department and the pastoral care of the school is second to none. The clubs offered each day (breakfast, lunch and homework clubs) are second to none.

Concluding, Mr Smith said: “It was a great introduction for these young men this week, but we have no doubt the best is yet to come.”


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