A huge new theme park is set to open later this year

Credit: Kathmandu Punta Cana

A huge new theme park is set to open later this year in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The park will be called Katmandu Punta Cana and will be the first world-class theme park and entertainment destination in the Caribbean.

Kathmandu Punta Cana Concept
Credit: Kathmandu Punta Cana

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The park will be an extension of Sol Katmandu Park & ​​Resort, a major amusement park in Mallorca, Spain, and will come to fruition after an estimated investment of $120 million.

Sol Katmandu Park & ​​Resort in Majorca Spain
Credit: Sol Katmandu Park & ​​Resort

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Kathmandu Punta Cana is set to debut in the third quarter of 2022 and will include attractions, rides, shopping, entertainment and a strong focus on dining offerings, providing guests with an extraordinary gastronomic adventure during their visit.

The two most anticipated attractions at this park will be an interactive 5D theater and what the developers call a “flying theater” experience. The ON!X Interactive Theater brings together real-time content, guest commentary, and response capabilities in a 5D theater, creating an immersive and dynamic video game experience for guests, who will be provided with haptic gear to interact with the environment. The attraction will also have high-quality SFX seats that provide smooth motion and special effects like wind, light, smell, audio, and mechanics.

Passing Flight
Credit: Disney

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Falcon’s Suspended Theater will offer visitors a unique “flying theatre” experience that will transport visitors from a traditional theater environment in which visitors can enjoy a spectacular pre-show in a massive immersive screen, similar to the technology of Disney used in Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Soarin’ Around the World at Disney California Adventure.

To skyrocket
Credit: Disney

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The park will be located a short distance from major resorts in Punta Cana and is being built in collaboration between Meliá Hotels International and Falcon’s Beyond Global. Meliá Hotels International has also announced major renovation and upgrade projects for two leading Paradisus resorts in the destination.

Paradisus Punta Cana by Melia Hotels international
Credit: Melia Hotels International

“This park perfectly fills an important gap in the market, Kathmandu Punta Cana will be the only theme park of its kind in the Caribbean and will be able to satisfy visitors’ enormous hunger for world-class entertainment. It will be an absolutely unique experience for visitors to surrounding hotels, tourists from the United States and residents of Punta Cana,” said Simon Hirst, director of parks, operations and expansion at Falcon’s Beyond Global.

Kathmandu Punta Cana Concept
Credit: Kathmandu Punta Cana

The park would receive 4,000 guests a day as it will open from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. That might not look as impressive when we compare it to Disneyland’s average of 50,000 visitors per day or Disney California Adventure’s average of 28,000, but that doesn’t mean Kathmandu Punta Cana won’t offer visitors a great experience. amazing when visiting the park.

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