5 deleted scenes they should have kept (& 5 we’re glad they cut)

While his deleted scenes may not be as famous as those of other popular franchises., the Pirates of the Caribbean the franchise has its fair share of intriguing moments that didn’t get onscreen. All Pirates of the Caribbean the film contains deleted scenes, all of varying quality.

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Some of these scenes should have stayed in the movie because they help flesh out the story, character development, and show some important things that are never seen in the movies. On the flip side, some don’t add anything significant, which is a clear indication of why they were removed in the first place.


Should have kept

It’s just a good deal

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow and Cutler Beckett

At the end of the world cut an important part of the conversation of Jack Sparrow and Lord Cutler Beckett. The deleted scene provides a crucial backstory, as it is revealed that Beckett once asked Jack to bring him slaves. When Jack refused, Beckett attacked The black Pearl, sending it sinking into the ocean. It required the deal Jack made with Davy Jones to lift the ship from the depths.

Not only does this backstory connect the dots between multiple events and characters, it also lays bare the true nature of Jack and Beckett. While Jack can be duplicitous and selfish, there are lines he isn’t ready to cross, which he makes clear with his powerful line, “People are not freighters, mate.” Beckett’s comfort with slavery and his phrase “it’s just a good deal” sums up his personality and further reinforces the fact that he is the ultimate villain of the Dead man’s chest and At the end of the world story.

Norrington questions Elizabeth’s sincerity by accepting her proposal

Commodore Norrington is no fool, and is one of the Pirates of the Caribbeanthe best characters. He knows that Elizabeth only accepts his marriage proposal so that he agrees to help save Will Turner. This deleted scene from the curse of the black pearl gives Norrington more depth as he tells Elizabeth that he knows she will keep her word, but he wants her to accept the offer sincerely. Norrington doesn’t want to force her into a marriage she doesn’t want and he wants her to be happy.

She tries to convince him that she is sincere in wanting to marry him, but the seeds of doubt have already been sown. Norrington accepts that Elizabeth and Will love each other and gives them his blessing at the end of the movie feels more authentic because of this deleted scene.

The card is finished

Dead man’s chest shows Norrington presenting Davy Jones’ heart to Beckett, but that doesn’t show what comes immediately after. The deleted scene contains items that have been saved for At the end of the world, as Norrington promoted to admiral and Davy Jones shown under Beckett’s control.

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The most compelling part of the scene is when the man drawing the world map in Beckett’s office tells him the map is complete. It’s not just a reference to the literal drawing being completed, but Beckett believes the pirates are done because he can destroy them with Davy Jones now under his control. It makes the end of Dead man’s chest and the configuration for At the end of the world more threatening.

If you stab the heart …

Bill Nighy in motion capture costume for Pirates of the Caribbean to World's End

After Davy Jones tells Governor Swann that the Kraken killed Elizabeth, a grief-stricken Governor tries to stab Davy Jones in the heart. Norrington stops him from stabbing the heart and when Governor Swann tries to tell Davy Jones he’ll kill him, Jones explains that whoever stabs the heart will become the next captain of The Flying Dutchman, tied to the ship and to the sea as it is. Beckett then talks with Mercer about how the Governor outlived his usefulness and is now a handicap.

This scene shows why Beckett had Governor Swann killed, which is only briefly mentioned when Governor Swann sees Elizabeth in Davy Jones’ locker. It also shows how, despite being promoted, Norrington still cares deeply about the Swann family, setting up his decision later in the film to choose Elizabeth over the East India Trading Company. Even though Bill Nighy is seen in his motion capture suit, his performance as villainous Davy Jones is bigger than ever and further cements the hefty price tag of stabbing his heart.

Barbossa and Sao Feng discuss the history of the Court of the Brothers

The Court of the Brothers was a new and important part of the construction of the world which At the end of the world added to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The final version of At the end of the world omitted part of the dialogue that Hector Barbossa and Sao Feng share regarding the Court of the Brothers. Sao Feng mentions that the Brethren Court did not meet during his lifetime, but his father was at the previous meeting and said it ended badly.

Barbossa reminds Sao Feng that the meeting before was monumental, as it produced the code that all pirates live by. This dialogue would have helped to further flesh out the history of the Court of the Brothers, why Barbossa thought it was the best chance for the pirates to defeat the East India Trade Company, and why Sao Feng was skeptical of the Court of the Brothers. Brothers in the first place.

Glad they cut

Peep Show

Ragetti-et-Pintel from Pirates of the Caribbean.

After giving Elizabeth the dress that Barbossa wants her to wear for dinner, Pintel and Ragetti watch her get dressed through a peephole in her door. Elizabeth quickly realizes what’s going on and pushes Ragetti’s glass eye, causing it to roll.

It was a wise scene to cut from The curse of the black pearl, because there is nothing fun or interesting about watching Pintel and Ragetti drool and cackle as they watch Elizabeth dress.

Henry learns a lesson

A Dead men don’t tell stories deleted scene features Henry Turner trying to convince Jack to help him break his father’s curse. Jack teaches Henry how to properly position himself and hold his sword, while using it as a distraction to point his gun at Henry. The lesson is to be the last to die the next time Henry raises his sword.

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The dynamic between Henry and Jack in this scene tries to recall the dynamic between Will and Jack in The curse of the black pearl, but that doesn’t add anything interesting or significant to the story that Dead men don’t tell stories is revealing and best left on the cutting room floor.

You weren’t supposed to get caught

At the end of the world shows the pirates escaping from Singapore and heading for Davy Jones’ locker, but cuts off Barbossa berating Will for getting caught by Sao Feng. An unperturbed Will tells Barbossa that it worked his way and walks away from him.

The exchange gives no new insight into Will, Barbossa, or their relationship. The public already knows that Barbossa is not happy that Will is getting caught and that everything Will does is part of his plan to free his father from The Flying Dutchman.

Jack asks about the Pelegostos

Be appointed leader of the Pelegostos in Dead man’s chest is one of the worst things that has happened to Jack Sparrow. In a deleted scene, Jack asks questions about the tribe, such as why there are so few children and if it’s because they are tastier than the adults.

The whole plot of Pelegostos is problematic and largely unnecessary when it comes to the rest of Dead man’s chest. The depiction of wild and simple-minded natives who make Jack their leader communicates harmful and outdated stereotypes. Jack’s questions in the deleted scene only further reinforce these problematic elements.

Kraken Slayers Pintel & Ragetti

In At the end of the world, there is a scene where Pintel and Ragetti walk over the corpse of the Kraken and talk excitedly about how they could call themselves Kraken Slayers and use the deceased creature to make money. There is an extensive footage of them doing this which was cut from At the end of the world.

The extended sequence would have added nothing. The film’s final cut makes it clear that Pintel and Ragetti are only brave around the Kraken now that he’s dead, as opposed to the terror they showed of the beast in Dead man’s chest.

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