5 Best Parks in Detroit, MI

Below is a list of the major parks in Detroit. To help you find the best parks near you in Detroit, we’ve compiled our own list based on this list of review points.

The best parks in Detroit:

The top rated parks in Detroit, MI are:

  • Clark Park – offers a highly recreational and dynamic selection of daily activities
  • Beacon Park – attracts visitors with its vast green spaces and year-round events
  • Detroit Dog Park – offers a park appreciated by residents, fishermen and visitors all year round
  • Grand Circus Park – the first family circus park.
  • Palmer Park – the local gem popular with local residents

Clark Park

Fun Parks in Detroit, MI

Clark Park offers a highly recreational and dynamic selection of daily activities. The park is created to house all local families. In addition, it opens its doors to various dynamic activities perfect for a day. They were one of the must-see parks that presents a unique way to have quality fun. In addition, they are able to give way to the locals to rediscover a healthy lifestyle.

Various activities are offered to visitors. In addition, the park includes gardens, recreational plantations and playgrounds. There are also golf courses and recreation programs.


park, recreational activities


Address: 2765 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93711
Telephone: (559) 224-1181
Website: detroitmi.gov


“I have been walking past this park for about 3 months while working… it looks great, I plan to come back… A few years ago I noticed the pressure from the city and the state to bring some back ( Ie.) Renovating a lot of them, I can’t wait. To do this, Michigan and this country have a lot to offer !!! “- Robert N. Pross

Beacon Park

Dynamic Parks in Detroit, MI

Beacon Park attracts visitors with its vast green spaces and year-round events. In addition, they offer a unique mix of Belgian and American themed activities. They offer a spectacular view of the city with its large elevated park. The park also broadcast light-up events and quirky community videos throughout the park. In addition, they greatly encourage their visitors to organize their own park and recreational activities.

In addition, they have rooftop seating, panoramic city views, and interactive light installations. The park also includes bicycle paths and picnic areas. In addition, it offers a large space for different sports activities.


bike path, picnic, park


Address: 1901 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48226
Telephone: (313) 566-8250
Website: empoweringmichigan.com


“Great Christmas decorations and lots of photo opportunities! Great place to relax with the family, to bring your kids or even for a sweet date. Features a smaller version of the Christmas tree they have at Campus Martius. I loved ! – Kelley Hornyak

Detroit Dog Park

Spacious parks in Detroit, MI

Detroit Dog Park offers a park appreciated by residents, fishermen and visitors all year round. It opened in 1969 to all its residents engaged in various active activities. In addition, it features a refined park design made by engineers. They wish to share the development of their park through its facilities. In addition, they are happy to be at the service of residents to make their day more lively and dynamic.

They offer a wide selection of park activities for newcomers and international visitors. Plus, they offer pool rentals, square events, and sporting activities like biking and hiking. They also accept movie requests and live streaming.


dog park, hiking trail, park


Address: 2699 Rose St, Detroit, MI 48216
Telephone: (313) 224-1129
Website: detroitmi.gov


“Large, no-cost, no-leash space for fur babies to play safely.” Both shaded and sunny areas. Bring water, there are balls in the playground. Bags are also available. All users can volunteer by cleaning up after their own pets and emptying full bins. – Sharon Cawthorne

Grand Cirque Park

Best parks in Detroit

Grand Cirque Park is a first-rate family circus park. They offer one of the finest skating experiences in the country thanks to The Rink. Plus, it comes to life with a number of unique features, from landmarks to winter activations. They offer guests the freedom of relaxation and comfort at any time of the day. In addition, they have a network of welcoming and inclusive public spaces.

There is a diverse range of must-see shows and amenities in the park, perfect for both small and large groups. These include an ice rink, swinging bells, and sightseeing opportunities. In addition, they have interactive light installations throughout the park.


to park


Address: 101-157 Witherell St, Detroit, MI 48226
Telephone: (313) 566-8250
Website: Downtowndetroitparks.com


“This park has so much beauty, all in one place. I was lost in the beauty of this incredibly beautiful place. The gardens are very child friendly and even have a play area. The Blossoms of Light festival was absolutely amazing and well worth the admission. I highly recommend it.” – Patrick Hiner

Palmer Park

large parks in Detroit, MI

Palmer Park is a local gem popular with local residents. The management includes 296 acres of historic lawns and woods with a wide variety of amenities. Moreover, it is cultivated with the collective energy, efforts and talents of the locals. It is being restored with strong, sincere and positive ecological actions. In addition, they strive to serve the entire community with quality park equipment.

The park offers refreshing landscapes. In addition, the park includes tennis courts, water parks and lush green forests. They also have hiking and biking trails available. In addition, there are ample spaces for large gatherings.


park, pond


Address: 910 Merrill Plaisance St, Detroit, MI 48203
Telephone: (313) 757-2751
Website: peopleforpalmerpark.org


“Palmer Park is an urban park that gives neighboring neighbors a place to walk, walk their dogs, play tennis and sit by the pond (which might require a little maintenance). ”- Tish Tansil

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